The Systems Engineering Undergraduate Program of the University of Lima is pleased to organize and host the International Systems Engineering Congress (CIIS). The CIIS provides a participative space of international scope where emerging technology-related issues will be discussed. Such space will allow the sharing of knowledge, experiences and research projects in the areas of systems engineering, software engineering, technology and information systems, among others. The issues to be discussed will contribute to the development and growth of the areas of specialization involved for the benefit of our researchers, professors, students, as well as the scientific and academic community, and the public concerned.In the third edition of CIIS we will cover the sustainability theme, which implies satisfying the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability to satisfy future generations. It is a simple proposition in its essence, but it increasingly reveals itself as challenging to everyday life, given the accelerated rhythm of modern life: constant technological development, massive products manufacturing, big human groups mobilizations, a never-seen energetic consumption, resource overexploitation, environment damage, etc. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), stablished by the United Nations, consider the topics to which we should pay attention and those in which we should be inspired to develop actions for a sustainable social, political, economic and environmental future.

In its fourth edition, the CIIS is no stranger to the challenges arising from the global health crisis we are facing: mobility restrictions, social distancing or stoppage of face-to-face activities. However, life goes on, and both people and organizations had to adapt to the new reality, as well as develop and strengthen digital skills allowing them to have virtual interactions and experiences which not only compensate physical counterparts but also represent new opportunities. This context seems to be the new sign of our times and is the issue that we propose for this new edition of the congress: a digital society with challenges and opportunities of a new reality that has come to stay and that we must promptly embrace in a digital symbiosis where we can thrive again.

The CIIS 2021 will present the results of research works made by Peruvian and foreign researchers that, through innovative proposals and research, will enable and catalyze the development of the digital society by using information technologies in a creative, innovative and disruptive manner, as well as research works in related areas. Following the successful model of previous editions, we will be honored with the presence of prominent speakers who will share their vision of the trends and evolution of this vital and interesting field.

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the congress will be held completely as a virtual or remote event, including the presentations of those papers and posters approved.


Organizing Committee of the CIIS


Nadia Rodríguez Rodríguez

Director of the Systems Engineering Program


Hernan Nina Hanco


Juan Gutiérrez Cárdenas


José Caballero Ortiz


Carlos Torres Paredes


Rosario Guzmán Jimenez


Daniel Cárdenas Salas


Jazmín Malpartida Sánchez


Andrea Matuk Chijner


Victor Hugo Ayma Quirita


Pablo Rojas Jaen


Hernán Quintana Cruz





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