Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech by Josep Piqué (Spain) – PhD in Innovation Ecosystems from Ramon Llull University and Executive Chairman of La Salle Technova.

Session: Knowledge cities on smart cities: The case of 22@Barcelona
Cities have become nodes of competitiveness at the international sphere. It is in cities where innovation takes place and contributes to a better economic performance of territories and a greater citizen‘s quality of life. Internationally recognized models like the 22@Barcelona are considered good practices to imitate or at least, to take into account when developing strategies for stimulating innovation, knowledge and creativity in the territory. However, a better understanding of the process is needed in order to successfully implement such a tool. The aim of this session is to present a meta-model of knowledge transference for the creation and development of innovation districts. Several variables will be taken into account across the timeline focusing not only in technical and social conditions strictly related to the area but also on the effect this type of development might have in the rest of the city as a driver for change.

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