David John

David John

Profesor de Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad Privada Wake Forest, Carolina del Norte.

David John is a Professor of Computer Science at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. For the past ten years David’s research has been focused on the development and analysis of modeling algorithms of protein and gene interactions based on replicates of experimentally measured data. This interdisciplinary work has been primarily conducted with research partners in the Center for Molecular Signaling and Communication at Wake Forest.

The researchers in the center include faculty and students from biology, biochemistry, cancer research, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and statistics. His most recent research with this group focuses on the development of a specialized genetic algorithm with a Bayesian based fitness function to create gene interaction models from multiple replicates of transcript abundance data from Arabidopsis thaliana. As well David, along with Professor Stan Thomas, are involved in how to best integrate parallel and distributed computation into the core undergraduate computer science curriculum.

David regularly teaches both undergraduates and graduate computer science students. Outside of work, David enjoys working in his yard and hiking and backpacking.

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Arabidopsis thaliana computationally generated next state gene interaction models